Students with disabilities are encouraged to come to the Academic Success Center (ASC) to work with the Disability Support Services Coordinator to identify reasonable accommodations. A number of assistive technologies, ie; Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition Technology), Kurzweil (Reading and Writing Assistance Equipment) are available as well.

Initial inquiries about receiving access and disability accommodations should begin with the Disability Support Services Office.

For more information about services and policies, please visit the Disability Support Services page on MyDU.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Disability Support Services staff are on campus, and can meet with students in-person or virtually. 

Access and Disability Accommodations Documentation 

The Disability Support Services (DSS) Office recommends that all students provide documentation that can either verify a diagnosis and/or enhance the information available when assessing each situation. While documentation is recommended, DSS recognizes that barriers exist and can create hardship for students with regard to having and presenting documentation, thus the DSS office encourages students to meet with the Disability Support Services Professional Staff without the need for documentation in hand at the time of the first conversation. Determinations on individual documentation needs will be made during the initial meeting with the student.

Disability Grievance Procedure

Please visit Disability Support Services on MyDU to learn how to file a grievance.

Commitment to Nondiscrimination

It is the policy and practice of Dominican University to provide and promote employment and academic opportunities for all students, faculty and staff members without regard to race, color, gender, age, marital status, order of protection status, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, medical condition, national origin, ancestry, military status, physical or mental disability, or pregnancy (collectively, “the bases for unlawful discrimination”). All students, faculty and staff members are expected to abide by this policy and to assist in its enforcement.

It is the policy of the University to hire, accept, train, educate, promote, compensate and/or administer all employment and/or academic practices, as the case may be, without regard to any of the bases for unlawful discrimination. Harassment, including sexual harassment, of staff members, students or faculty members because they are members of any of the previously-stated protected groups is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any student, faculty member or staff member who engages in such prohibited conduct will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination or dismissal, depending on the seriousness of the conduct in question and the surrounding circumstances.

The University will periodically develop and mandate training programs for students, faculty and staff members in furtherance of this policy. Failure to participate in mandatory training may result in registration holds for students and notices of non-compliance or other disciplinary action for members of the faculty and staff.

Contact Us

To learn more about Disability Support Services (DSS) or to request access or disability accommodations, please contact:

Disability Support Services

Alison Healy, MAT, LBS1
Disability Support Services Coordinator
Crown 126
(708) 524-6785 

Mari Callahan-Ross
LD Specialist
(708) 488-5177