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Lisa M. Amoroso received her Ph.D. in a joint program in sociology and organization behavior at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. Prior to returning for graduate studies, Lisa worked in financial and human resource systems consulting at Accenture and William M. Mercer. In 2010, Lisa joined the management faculty at Dominican’s Brennan School of Business where she holds the John and Jeanne Rowe Distinguished Professorship.

A highlight of her time in academia has been working on and becoming a co-author of Charles Ragin's book, Constructing Social Research: The Diversity and Unity of Method (Pine Forge Press). Lisa has also published in a variety of journals, including Group Dynamics, Journal of Management Education, and Management Teaching Review. While she enjoys doing research, Lisa is happy to work at an institution where her primary focus is on teaching and student learning. She teaches negotiations, conflict resolution, human resource management, and change management. Lisa also runs workshops on negotiations, conflict resolution, and team decision-making.

Lisa is an anti-violence activist and has volunteered for over two decades with IMPACT Chicago Self-Defense for Women and Girls. IMPACT Chicago uses an empowerment-based approach and offers incredibly high quality programs. She is currently serving as a Workshop Leader and on the Board of Directors.

PhD, Northwestern University
MA, Northwestern University
BA, Northwestern University
Research Interests

Collegiate career development

Diversity education and training

Group identity, social status, and decision-making

Selected Publications

Sackett, E., & Amoroso, L. (2024). A little “edutainment” goes a long way: Leveraging Among Us, a popular multiplayer game, to teach persuasion virtually. Management Teaching Review, 9(1), 7–21.

Burke, M., Amoroso, L., & Shaw, J. (2022). An empirical investigation of a 21st century career development program for business majors. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 22(13), 102-110. ISSN: 21583595

Ameri, M., Amoroso, L., & Kurtzberg, T. (2021). Advancing Diversity Training. Rutgers Business Review, 6(2), 154-160. Available at Advancing Diversity Training | Rutgers Business Review.  

Ragin, C. & Amoroso, L. (2018). Constructing Social Research: The Unity and Diversity of Method (3rd Ed.). SAGE Publications, Inc. ISBN: 9781544322445

Loyd, D. & Amoroso, L. (2018). Undermining diversity: Favoritism threat and its effect on advocacy for similar others. Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice, 22(3), 143–155. 

Awards and Grants
Excellence in Teaching Award, 2023, Brennan School of Business.
Excellence in Teaching Award, 2016, Brennan School of Business.
The Fritz Roethlisberger Memorial Award for the best article of 2010 in the Journal of Management Education.
Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007, Roosevelt University.


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