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Enhance your professional qualifications even further and make a difference in people’s lives by adding a certificate in Translation and Interpretation Studies to your graduate degree at Dominican.

Designed for current Dominican graduate or post-baccalaureate students with proficient communication skills in Spanish and English, this certificate program will prepare you to offer translation and interpretation services, which are in high demand across all disciplines.

As the Chicago area’s premier Hispanic-Serving Institution, Dominican is uniquely positioned to offer this certificate program, which can be completed in just four courses (12 credit hours total) offered in a hybrid format.

In this program, you will explore diverse traditions, theories and practices of translation and prepare to produce entry-level translations (written) and interpretations (oral) in a variety of professional settings, including legal, medical, business and cultural.

Translators make a decisive difference in the world. They are mediators who provide access and open doors for individuals, employers and corporations who would otherwise be excluded from dialogue and inquiry beyond their linguistic and cultural communities.

You will:

  • Practice translating texts while preserving the historical, cultural and stylistic contexts of the original
  • Translate different types of texts, including literary, legal, health-related, business-related, scientific, educational and cultural
  • Learn and practice ethical codes for interpreters, such as cultural impartiality, confidentiality, equity issues and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Produce professional entry-level translations and interpretation services through internships, on-campus opportunities, service learning or study abroad
  • Specialize in a professional area in connection with your main graduate program
Degree Requirements
  • Open to any student with a bachelor’s degree who demonstrates proficiency in two languages. The program is currently only admitting students seeking to work with Spanish and English.
  • Students must be currently pursuing a graduate degree or post-baccalaureate program at Dominican. Outside candidates with a bachelor's degree also will be accepted.
  • Proficiency in the languages can be measured by language placement exam results, transcripts and/or faculty assessment.