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Labor Market Supply and Demand Analytics

These reports are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the labor market supply and demand trends—in the Chicagoland region, Illinois and the nation. The insights can foster thinking for curriculum, program, process and policy development—providing relevance throughout the Dominican community. Our intention in OIE is to encourage the use of data like these for program improvement, program development, student support/advising and institutional planning/strategic thinking.

Please reach out to OIE  if you would like a more customized version of one the reports posted here. We may be able to provide a more tailored view into the data using the wide variety of filtering options available through these data sources. These include: scope of the region (zip code, county, city, state, etc.), CIP (major/program codes), degree level, occupational codes/groupings, time period, companies/industries, skill sets, etc.

All of the documents linked below are in a PDF format and open in a new unless otherwise indicated.

Regional Economy Analytics

Highest ranked industries in the Chicago metropolitan service area from 2021 to 2026: an overview of the top industries in the Chicago region according to employment, job growth or decline and the competitive effect in the region: the Top 30 Industries Report.

Chicago Region Economy overview: an overview of the Chicago region's economy with data related to jobs, demographics and social metrics—with projections out to 2026.

Demographic Data–Region and the Nation

Demographic overview of the Chicago region with projections to 2026: an overview of the population with data related to age, gender and race/ethnicity

Educational Attainment in the Chicago region with projections to 2026: an overview of educational attainment disaggregated by race/ethnicity and gender

Population change in 15 to 19 year olds across the nation

Job Posting Analytics: In-demand Skills

Job posting analysis of all Bachelor's-degree-required, full-time jobs in the Chicago region–October 2021

Skills in demand for internship postings in the Chicago region 2021

Occupational Outlook

STEM Occupations

Education/Teaching Occupations

Management, Accounting and Finance Occupations

Computer and Mathematical Occupations

Psychology Occupations

Fine Arts Occupations

Healthcare Occupations (for programs offered at DU)

Communications and Media Occupations