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Student Accounts (part of the Business Office) is available to assist students in managing their tuition accounts at Dominican University (DU). This office manages the accounts receivables life cycle, and sets policy for billing and payments. Students can discuss their accounts in detail, whether a new balance or an older balance, and enroll in payment plans.

Once a student enrolls in classes, the student accepts the responsibility for their tuition bill. It is presumed that the student is enrolled in class and attending class, unless the student officially drops the class. If the student makes any adjustments to their attendance (i.e. stops attending class) or drops a class, the student must officially drop the class. This must be done timely. Students will need to officially drop online or directly with the Registrar’s Office. Please see the Tuition Refund Policy for specific dates with costs related to adding and dropping courses. Otherwise tuition charges may not be adjusted. 

Payments by semester must be made by the first day of class, or students can enroll in a payment plan. A payment plan is required each semester a student chooses the payment plan option. Payment plans start on August 5 for the fall term, and on January 5 for the spring term. Summer payment plans for summer courses are also available. The cost of the payment plan is $45 per semester. A deferment fee of $90 will be charged each semester to accounts that did not pay in full or enroll in payment plan. A 1% finance fee is charged each month on unpaid balances that do not have an active payment plan. Paying the account in full before the start of class, or enrolling in and making timely payments on a payment plan will avoid the $90 deferment fee and avoid the 1% monthly finance charge. The 1% finance fee starts in October for the fall term, and in February for the spring term. 

DU accepts all forms of payments. Payments by cash or check can be made with the Stars Connect Office, Lewis Hall, room 115. Payments by ACH or credit card should be made online on DU’s secure website (mydu or Payments made by credit card will be assessed a 2% convenience fee. There is no fee for ACH payments (payments from a checking or savings account). Students are allowed to cash personal checks up to $50 with the Stars Connect Office in Lewis Hall, room 115.

Student Accounts manages non-current students with balances as well and can arrange special payment agreements to resolve accounts. Official transcripts will be on hold until account balances are resolved.

If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The easiest way is by email, but phone calls and in person works as well. We look forward to assisting you.

Office Location

Student Accounts is located in Lewis Hall.

Office Hours


8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

During semester breaks we may have reduced hours so please call ahead.

Contact Us by Email

If you are a current Dominican student, please include your DU ID number in your email to us.