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Dominican University strives to create a safe learning environment for all members of the community. Dominican has developed standards of behavior in support of the intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development of each student—Integrity, Community, Social Justice, Respect and Responsibility. 

As members of the university community, we each have a responsibility to share any concerns so they can be reviewed and addressed appropriately. While we encourage a culture of “See Something, Say Something”, there are two categories of employees that have a responsibility and obligation to report.

If you have an immediate concern, please contact 911 or call Campus Safety at (708) 524-5999.  Otherwise, please review below for reporting options.

Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

Employees are considered CSAs based on the following functions and are responsible to report criminal incidents to Campus Safety:

  • Their official job responsibilities involve significant interaction with students and/or campus activities.
  • They serve as informal or unofficial mentors to students, or advise student organizations, projects and activities.
  • They serve as a member in an office or of a committee to whom students are instructed and informed to report and discuss crimes, allegations of crimes, and other troubling situations, and/or
  • They have oversight for disciplinary procedures
Responsible Employees 

Responsible employees are university employees who have the authority to redress sexual violence or who otherwise have the duty to report such incidents. All university employees, contracted staff, designated student employees, and trustees are required to report concerning behaviors, including threats or crimes by employees. Specific categories of student employees including: Social Justice Advocates, Circulation Desk Attendants, Peer Advisors, Resource Desk Assistants, Resident Advisors, Student Security, Welcome Desk Workers, and University Ministry Student Staff are considered responsible employees. These employees must formally report an incident including the details of the incident and the names of the complainant or the person who discloses the incident.

Please review the reporting options outlined below.  If you have questions about making a report, please contact Campus Safety at (708) 524-5999 or the Dean of Students at (708) 524-6822.

Academic Alert

Following are two categories of academic alerts:

  • Flag. Outreach from faculty to students with emerging concerns (academic, attendance, or professional). Alerts team staff monitor flags, but staff will only intervene if/when there are multiple flags or extenuating circumstances.
  • Alert. Student’s ability to succeed in course is in serious jeopardy. SSE Alerts Team will take prompt action to respond to faculty and support student. (academic, other)

Submit an Alert

Assessment and Care Team

Here you can submit a concern about a student regarding behavior that is concerning, disruptive or dangerous to themselves, members of the University community, or the community by clicking on Send an Alert and entering the student’s name. Click Send Alert and choose the ACT (former BCT) Assessment and Care Team.

Submit a Report

Support Center

Service requests to the Support Center can be made to the following:

Information Technology

Marketing and Communications

Website Support (

Campus Safety

Physical Plant

Title IX or Bias Reporting

Submit a report for Dominican students involved in bias incidents: including gender based or sexual violence, gender identity discrimination, sexual assault, hate crimes, bias motivated offensive conduct, and discrimination against individuals on the basis of physical or mental disability. 

Visit Title IX or Bias Reporting for more information.

Whistle Blower; Lighthouse Services

To anonymously report fraud, unlawful, unethical and other types of improper behavior. Reporting options include online or toll free by phone 24/7. Reporters will be prompted to choose the type of misconduct they are reporting and give as much detail as possible.

Submit a Report